Amore of Portofino

Amore of Portofino is the newest of all Portofino enclaves. Designed to satisfy people of the highest standards and exquisite tasete in real eastate, it adheres with the same level of excellence and quality as the other Italian House and Lot properties that Portofino offers, but now at a slightly more affordable price price range. Starting at 8.3M. your dream home may now be within your reach.

It's Charm is Romantically Rustic. The appeal is Lush with Luxury.
• Nestled in gentle rolling terrain
• Swept by fresh breeze
• Kissed by the warmth of the sun
• Inspired by the rustic charm of Tuscan life.

Amore of Portofino is the perfect place for starting your love affair with a land most romantic, Pleasantly, luxuriously, it is within your means. The Amore of Portofino. Beautiful.

House and Lot Packages in Amore

Leandro model house

Leandro Model House / Angelico

  • Floor Area : 193 sqm / 2,077 sq ft
  • Min Lot Area : 251 sqm / 2,702 sq ft
Giorgio model house

Giorgio Model House / Pietro

  • Floor Area : 259 sqm / 2,789 sq ft
  • Min Lot Area : 304 sqm / 3,272 sq ft
Tavola Model House

Tavola Model House

  • Floor Area : 240 sqm
  • Min Lot Area : 220 sqm

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